Keep Salt Build-up from Destroying Your Windows!

Keep Salt Build-up from Destroying Your Windows!

August 06, 2019

Keep Salt Build-up from Destroying Your Windows

There's nothing quite like living down by the Surf Coast in areas such as Torquay, Anglesea and Lorne. Access to the water and sweeping views make homes along the Surf Coast quite valuable.

Of course, there are some pitfalls when you live so close to the ocean.

There’s the issue of salt spray on windows.

It’s a year-round issue in Surf Coast areas. Here’s a closer look at why this happens, and how to fix it.

Over time, salt spray can cause damage to your windows.

If you live right by the coast, large waves and sea breezes can send salt water airborne on to your windows. The water eventually evaporates, but the salt that’s left behind can build up on your windows, making them look milky. This process is called efflorescence.

And sea spray direct from the Ocean isn’t the only cause of this build up. Warm water can rise into the air and become a salty water vapor during the summer months. On warm days the air is saturated with both moisture and salt. As this moist, salty air hits your windows, the salt can stick to the windows on all sides of your home. Over time, this can lead to a massive build-up of salt.

What Salt Can Do to Windows

If you think that salt build up is just an annoyance, think again. While accumulation of salt crystals can make it tough to see out of windows, these crystals can also cause the windows to deteriorate over time.

If left untreated, the crystals from salt can weaken window glass and frame materials. While the glass and frames won’t crumble into dust, they might corrode enough to allow water to leak through the windows. Corroded windows from efflorescence can also lead to higher energy bills, since more energy can pass through the weakened window space. Ultimately, corroded windows must be replaced and this can cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, it’s easy to protect your windows from this damage. Regular and effective cleaning of salty windows will prevent corrosion entirely. The key is to remain vigilant.

We understand that many people holiday down the Surf Coast in Victoria at warmer times of the year. The holiday home though can be left vacant in the cooler months and can be out of sight and out of mind. In coastal areas salt air is always present.

If you live in places like Torquay, Anglesea Fairhaven or Lorne your windows are bombarded with salt on a constant basis. If you only clean your windows occasionally, corrosion could still occur not only to glass but also to your window frames over time.

The key to keeping windows from corroding from continued efflorescence is vigilance.

Windows are an expensive item and therefore if you live down the Surf Coast in Victoria, at Ocean view window cleaning we recommend cleaning your windows every three months.

We also provide our window cleaning in Geelong and on the Bellarine in Victoria.

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